Manbat introduces Start-Stop battery installation tool

Manbat-BVT-with-Boot-logoIn order to compete for business and to develop every profit-making opportunity, the successful workshop needs to keep its eyes open and consider every possible option.

As the UK’s largest automotive battery distributor, Manbat is able to assist with general advice concerning developments in the market or the changing trends that will affect their businesses, which is why for several years it has been highlighting the impact that the increase in the number of vehicles fitted with a Start-Stop system, will have on the aftermarket.

In a move that will develop this philosophy still further, Manbat, represented in Ireland by National Autoparts is taking a bold step and introducing its own Manbat ‘Connect + Reset’ battery validation tool, which will allow technicians to put the company’s advice into practice and correctly install batteries.

“As is becoming increasingly understood,” says marketing manager, Myles Pemberton, “the battery in a micro-hybrid vehicle (one fitted with a Start-Stop function) is central to its electrical systems and is therefore constantly governed by a battery management module, which monitors its voltage, current, temperature and operating time.

“This information is processed to determine the battery’s state of charge, starting capacity, electrical consumption, energy reserve and optimum charging voltage, to ensure the system applies the correct charging regime and keeps it in the best possible condition.

“Fitting the battery for which the system was designed is therefore crucial, but so also is the process of ‘validation’ to ensure the battery and battery management module are diagnostically ‘connected’ and able to communicate with one another correctly.

“Failure to validate the battery can cause issues with the Start-Stop functionality, the shutdown of non-essential electrical systems and the premature failure of the replacement because the system can ‘assume’ the new battery is in the same derogated condition as the old battery it replaced.

“Although technicians already have a host of workshop tools at their disposal, the Manbat ‘Connect + Reset’ battery validation tool provides them with a simple, effective and inexpensive way to allow them to install a Start-Stop battery with confidence.

“When connected to the vehicle’s j1962 diagnostic socket, the handheld tool will go through the validation and fault code reset process, so that the battery is introduced and assimilated into the vehicle’s electronic systems and integrated with the battery management module, to ensure the installation is performed correctly and the vehicle/battery combination is able to operate to its intended capability.

“Although the tool is capable of many other functions, the primary concern for Manbat is to provide technicians with a viable solution to the challenges of fitting Start-Stop batteries and which allows them to complete the correct battery installation for whatever the vehicle that comes into the workshop.”

The Start-Stop battery installation tool will be on display on the National Autoparts stand at the Auto Trade EXPO, at Citywest Hotel & Exhibition Centre, Dublin, Otober 17-18

For further details contact National Autoparts on 01 454 1700