Southside Motor Factors adds new turbo cleaner to range

Southside Motors Factors, the Irish Auto Trade Awards, Motor Factor of the Year 2015 has added a new turbo cleaner to its burgeoning product portfolio.

The Revive Turbo Cleaner, which is a safe water based, non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-flammable fluid, is sprayed into the vehicle’s intake system, whilst the engine is running. As the Revive fluid passes through the engine system it locks on to built up oily / carbon deposits and strips away surface layers.

Modern turbo diesel engines produce carbon and soot deposits within the engine. Vehicles fitted with variable vane / geometery turbos get affected by these deposits around the turbo vanes and this causes them to stick, producing erratic response, over/ under boost faults, limp home mode and poor performance.

Revive Turbo Cleaner & Power Restorer is also effective at removing sooty carbon deposits from the back of the inlet valves on Direct Injection Gasoline (GDI) engines, where there is no ‘back-wash’ of fuel to help keep the deposit build-up minimal.

Revive Turbo Cleaner removes soot particles in a way that does not require disassembly of the turbocharger. When applied through the air intake at velocity, the active ingredients lock-on to the sooty deposits and remove them.

These removed particles are no bigger than the soot particles the engine naturally generates, making Revive perfectly safe to use on vehicles equipped with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF).