Dillon confirms participation at Auto Trade EXPO

James Dillon, a practicing Master Technician, who owns a specialist vehicle diagnostic workshop and is a world renowned seminar host and technical training instructor will be speaking at the Tech Zone, at the Auto Trade EXPO, Citywest Exhibition Centre, Dublin, October 17-18.

In the latest edition of Techtalk.ie magazine, which will be available at all Motor Factors around the country in the coming week, he explains As a diagnostic specialist business, the team is often asked to look a vehicles which have had previous repair attempts made.

Sometimes the customers James by themselves, as they may be frustrated with the performance of the previous repairer, or, the other repairer may choose to engage Jame’s services directly when they have run out of steam with a job.

James says non-referred jobs can often present their own set of issues. The frustrated customer usually requires some form of booking-in ‘therapy’. The customer, understandably, is very keen to find out exactly how much we will charge them and, very early in their conversation, they tell us how much they’ve spent at the ‘other’ place trying to get the fault sorted, and how they have not got much money left to spend fixing the problem.

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