Denso to exhibit at IAA Motor Show

Denso is exhibiting at the IAA Motor Show to be held in Frankfurt, Germany, September 17-27 and will showcase advanced technologies and products in the key areas of environment and safety.

Denso’s goal is to help realise a sustainable society by increasing the fuel efficiency of automotive powertrains and air conditioning systems and by using energy efficiently through micro-grid.

Denso will display direct gasoline injection systems and diesel common rail systems to demonstrate how fuel is burned in the engine, which usually cannot be seen, by using projection mapping techniques.

Denso will display technologies and activities to help create an automotive society free from accidents, including active safety systems to detect unintended lane departure and the presence of pedestrians. Densohas been working on V2X technology since 2003, and it will demonstrate how that technology connects vehicles to infrastructure and other vehicles and warns the driver regarding traffic congestion on the road ahead or other traffic conditions out of the line of sight.

Densos vehicle cockpit simulator will allow visitors to experience Denso’s safety technology for future driving, such as alerting the driver that the vehicle is approaching an accident and giving the driver an option for selecting automated driving for highway merging and lane changes.

Denso is also exhibiting at the Auto Trade EXPO, at Citywest Exhibition Centre, Dublin, October 17-18.