All Task Solutions to exhibit Wrapit Repair Tape at Auto Trade EXPO

All Task Solutions, the repair and maintenance solutions specialists, is demonstrating its Wrapit Repair Tape, probably the strongest tape in the world, at the Auto Trade EXPO, Citywest Exhibition Centre, Dublin, October 17-18.

Wrapit has been used on pipework, shovels, hiking sticks, vacuum cleaners, pitchforks, lawnmower handles and in a multitude of other repair situations too many to name.  

Powerweld can be used to bond metal fasteners to moulded composite parts, bond hinge assemblies to GRP bonnets, bond automotive carbon fibre body panels, bonding and repairing plastic bumpers and trims, along with aluminium sumps and repairing headlight brackets.

The company is also exhibiting the Smog Doctor range
vb26 Reduce emissions by up to 50 per cent when driving for 15 minutes with VB26 added to 10 litres of fuel (car) or to 50 litres of fuel (truck or bus).
vb35 DPF cleaner when it has been removed from the car.
vb45 DPF cleaner without removing it from the car.