National Autoparts launches battery testing programme to drive growth

As one of Ireland’s largest automotive battery distributors, customer service and business development are core objectives that, along with its range of premium quality Numax batteries, remain at the heart of the National Autoparts business ethos.

As a result, the company is always keen for its customers to exploit any and all possible opportunities to increase their battery sales, which is why National Autoparts has embraced the battery testing promotion developed by battery partner Manbat, to stimulate sales through the workshop.

Battery testing is an area that Manbat has been encouraging workshops to develop for several years because it yields a return in terms of both their reputation for customer service and sales generation, particular when the figures reveal that when tested, one in 12 batteries needs replacement.

The promotion, which will be rolled out with the full participation of National Autoparts and its factor customers, centres on a suite of marketing material that will give workshops the tools to fully process the administrative side of battery testing.

So along with battery testing signage, the testing pack will include the test sheets that will allow technicians to carry out and record the results of the battery test and battery stickers that show the date, mileage and scheduled date for the next test, plus have space for the workshop to add their full address and contact details. In addition, the pack includes mirror hangers to show that a battery test has been undertaken and the vehicle’s battery has a clean bill of health.

“With this test pack promotion,” explains Manbat’s marketing manager, Myles Pemberton, “National Autoparts is able to provide the selected workshops that its customers nominate, with the practical documentation to market and administer battery testing alongside their many other skills.

“We know from experience, that proactive testing builds a positive reputation for honesty and integrity in the workshop carrying out the testing because to be able to provide a customer with documentation that states the condition of the battery builds legitimacy in that workshop, whether the battery needs replacing or is in good condition.

“The ‘golden egg’ that goes hand-in-hand with a positive reputation however, is an increase in sales because the workshop is proactively searching for a potential battery sale, rather than just hoping they might benefit by being in the right place at the right time when it does fail.

“We are very excited about the potential of this promotion and are delighted to be able to work with National Autoparts, who also appreciate its value and want to help their customers develop this aspect of their business.