Bodyshop Solutions to exhibit GT Automatic Spot Welder at Auto Trade EXPO

Bodyshop Solutions is poised to exhibit the incredible GT Automatic Spot Welder at Auto Trade EXPO, at Citywest Exhibition Centre, Dublin, October 17-18.

Bodyshop Solutions offers an “All in One” solution of high-quality equipment and consumables for the bodyshop market.

The company is fwaturing the incredible, fully automatic GT Automatic Spot Welder, the superb IP6-2 steel and aluminium twin torch MIG welder, plus the IM240i single torch MIG welder, which is especially good on very thin steel.

The company is also featuring the XPress 800 “all in one” modular riveter. The riveter is world leading and the only one approved by Mercedes-Benz

The Astra miniLIFT.low, the highly productive 2 wheel “Lift & Move” system, to work at the right height and quickly convert into a car mover on trolley wheels is also on display as is the powerLIFT.R, the fantastic 4 wheel  version;

The IRT 4-2 Infrared dryer  is market leading, for fast filler and paint curing using very low energy consumption and is also also on display.