Mahle gets turbochargers off to perfect start with Reinzoadd

During its normal operation, the turbocharger is integrated into the engine lubrication circuit and is constantly supplied with oil. After the turbocharger has been replaced however, it starts out ‘dry’ and it is only once the engine has been started and the lubrication circuit builds up the necessary pressure to fill the turbocharger with oil, that it gets the lubrication it requires.

This critical dry phase delay is precisely what Victor Reinz® Reinzoadd is designed to prevent, which is why distribution partner, Mahle Aftermarket,exhibitors at last weekend’s Auto Trade EXPO, supplies it with every new Mahle turbocharger.
Reinzoadd is essential to lubricate the turbocharger before the engine is started, otherwise its bearings will run dry and cause irreparable damage or even the total failure of the turbocharger.
Reinzoadd uses the solid lubricant Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) to form a heavy duty lubricating film on all surfaces of the turbocharger to reduce friction and wear. MoS2 has properties superior to mineral oils alone and is even used to lubricate aircraft engines and other critical applications.
With Reinzoadd, the turbocharger is ready to start right away and so its application is recommended every time a turbocharger is installed. It is suitable for all turbo designs, from conventional units to those with variable turbine geometry.