Autopaint declares Auto Trade EXPO a total success

Autopaint has described its particpation at the recent Auto Trade EXPO as “a total success” explaining it was “inundated with a constant stream of customers”.

“ We showcased our Cartec 4800 Compound and 12000 Refinish liquids. Both these products lead the way in modern day compounding and vehicle refinish as they can be used by hand or machine,” Cathal from Autopaint explained.

“The liquids are very fast cutting and easy to use as they need no water, saving time in the polishing process and the clean up,” he added.

Cartec has included both these products in its new headlamp Restoration kit, which Autopaint also showed at the EXPO with grea success.

The complete headlamp kit comes with two sanding machines, Abralon sanding discs, compounding foams, 4800 compound and 12000 refinish in a convenient storage box. The Cartec headlamp kit can transform headlamps from old to new in minutes.