TRW shines spotlight on brake disc programme

TRW Aftermarket has launched the next phase of its ‘True Originals’ multi-media global marketing campaign; the product group in the spotlight this time is its market leading brake disc programme.

This news follows reports that TRW’s last product campaign video – focussed on its Linkage & Suspension range – achieved a staggering 1.2 million views on YouTube in little more than a month; further cementing the company’s position as the leading supplier of ‘Corner Module’ braking, steering and suspension, parts and systems.

Ben Smart, Global Marketing Director, TRW Aftermarket, commented: “This next phase of the campaign conveys how TRW, in its position as an OE manufacturer, understands how vehicle systems can affect each other and thus, for maximum performance and safety, have to be manufactured to work in harmony.

“The material communicates how, as a direct result of this, TRW Aftermarket has the knowledge and expertise to achieve the perfect result with its OE quality brake disc programmes.”

In line with the rest of the campaign, this phase features a TRW ‘True Original’ employee. Star of the brake discs element is Kitty Zhu, Product Manager, Braking TRW Aftermarket, China. The dynamic material explains how Kitty applies the same skills when working with TRW brake discs as she does when performing a traditional Chinese tea ceremony; always striving to achieve the right balance of elements to obtain the perfect result.

In addition to the messages of safety, manufacturing and testing excellence, the campaign will highlight the features and benefits of TRW Aftermarket’s global developments in this area of braking, by examining how TRW provides the perfect solution for every class of vehicle.

TRW produces over 12 million brake discs every year, both for original equipment and the independent aftermarket worldwide. As market leaders, the business is at the forefront of innovation, and offers the very latest developments in brake disc technology to allow its customers to in turn, offer the very best service.

For increased performance and reduced corrosion, TRW led the market with a range of black painted discs. These discs are packaged in a special paper which takes the place of an oil film coating. As there is no oil to remove prior to fitting, this saves time in the workshop – and is better for the environment. For more powerful engines, TRW offers a range of High Carbon Discs which offer better stability and performance because they resist higher temperatures without distorting.

To aid fitting and for added safety, there is a range of TRW branded discs available with integrated bearings and ABS sensor rings. Furthermore, the business will imminently expand its programme to include high performance, two piece brake discs; also known as semi-compound discs.

Ben added: “We design and build our discs to be a balanced part of the overall braking dynamic, using the individual knowledge and expertise of TRW’s own True Originals. This campaign has breathed new life into the term OE by refocussing on what it really means.”

Using bespoke and focussed messaging; the campaign material is aimed at all levels of the Global supply chain: distributors, garages and the end user. The campaign is live across: France; Germany; Italy; Poland; Portugal; Russia; Spain; Turkey and the UK.

To watch Kitty’s story, please go to:

Find out more about the the TRW “True Originals” campaign at the company’s stand at the Auto Trade EXPO, at Citywest Exhibition Centre, Dublin, October 22-23.