J&S Automotive adds Arnott to product portfolio

J&S Automotoive has recently added Arnott quality aftermarket air suspension replacement products to its prodict portfolio

Arnott has been manufacturing high quality aftermarket air suspension replacement products for more than 25 years.

The company manufactures and distributes new air struts, air springs, air suspension compressors and coil conversion kits as well as remanufactured air struts.

Arnott started remanufacturing used air suspension parts to keep them from filling up landfills while providing the highest-quality refurbished products.

Arnott’s remanufactured air strut assemblies offer a direct replacement for original equipment parts at a fraction of the OE price. The process starts by gathering old air suspension components at its European HQ in the Netherlands.

Upon arrival, the parts are sorted by model and type, boxed and shipped to the USA. Once the cores arrive in the USA, each part is carefully tested, disassembled, cleaned, painted and completely rebuilt.

Arnott’s R&D facility has been testing and examining used cores for years, learning where the usual failure points are. After disassembling the struts, Arnott starts by strengthening the common failure points and weaknesses.

The shock absorbers are checked and refilled if needed and the wear and tear parts are replaced. Arnott uses new, name-brand air sleeves and bladders from industry leaders such as ContiTech, Firestone, Goodyear and Dunlop.

Then Arnott crafts them with aircraft-quality aluminum components such as caps and crimping rings and fits them with longer-lasting seals. Arnott also uses new electrical connections, dust boosts, bump stops and fittings.

Finally, any outside damage is repaired and the struts are ready for testing. The extensive test process includes many different phases. One stage includes putting the struts under pressure.

In another stage the struts are moved into a water pool, completely submerging them into water to test if the air springs are airtight. Some products in Arnott’s product lines are even mounted and installed one by one and checked individually.

When the struts pass strict quality checks, they are serialized, coded and dated for quality control. Even after the products have been stocked in the USA warehouse, random samples are drawn for an extra quality check.

After the remanufacturing process is completed, the products are shipped back to the Dutch warehouse and sold as Arnott’s remanufactured product line. Since they are remanufactured using only the highest quality materials, Arnott offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty for European Union customers on its remanufactured products, just like it does for the ‘completely new’ products.