SWAG Extra provides value for money alternative

SWAG-expansion-tank-copyWith SWAG Extra, discover components often thought to be exclusive to the main dealer. SWAG Extra offers 1,400 selected parts from various different product ranges, providing a value-for-money alternative to OE.

One such component included in the SWAG Extra range is the expansion tank. SWAG supplies over 50 different expansion tanks, with over 6,000 applications for a variety of makes and models including Audi, Seat and Volkswagen.

The expansion tank is a vital part of the engine cooling system. It allows for the coolant to expand whilst keeping it under pressure. In this state of pressurisation, the boiling point of the fluid is raised, limiting the evaporation and unwanted loss of coolant from the system.

In order to protect the tank from over pressure, expansion tanks are supplied with release valves that are integrated into the filler cap, preventing damage. Expansion tanks often include coolant level sensors, which provide a warning when the level needs topping up.
Over time, expansion tanks can become brittle. In this fragile state, the plastic can easily be penetrated, leading to the escape of coolant which in turn causes the system to fail.

SWAG provides ‘ready to fit’ expansion tanks in OE matching quality. Precise measurements ensure easy installation and long service life.

Find SWAG’s range of expansion tanks on SWAG Live! SWAG’s online catalogue makes it easy to find the parts you need, saving you time on searches. Sign in or register now at HYPERLINK “http://www.swag-live.com/”www.swag-live.com.

Rely on SWAG’s OE matching quality and accept no compromises. For consistent, reliable and rapid availability of components, SWAG is the best choice for spare parts.

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