Team PR Reilly introduces new Glasurit 22 Line Tinter

Aligning with OEM colour development, Glasurit is introducing a new green tinting base 22-M94 Medium Green 2.

This new tinter replaces 22-M96 tinting base and contains a highly chromatic green pigment. 22-M94 is not a direct replacement for 22-M96, and should not be used as a substitute when mixing formulations containing 22-M96.

Team PR Reilly will continue to publish formulations containing 22-M96 to allow current stocks to be used. However, all existing colours have been reformulated using 22-M94 and are already available on the Internet and have been published in the February update for Profit Manager/Profit Manager Pro colour information systems.

Colour formulae containing the old tinter 22-M94 will be published for the next two years and marked with the hourglass symbol.

22-M94 is available immediately in 1 litre cans and is priced exactly the same as the tinter it is replacing.

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For more information on the Glasurit range drop by the Team PR Reilly stand at the Auto Trade Trade EXPO, Dublin, October 22-23.