Ring helps to supercharge sales

Ring--ProStart-COMPACT-RSThe last thing most vehicle owners want to think about when the sun is shining is preventative measures to keep batteries in top condition for the winter months, but as the saying goes, prevention is better than the cure and that is exactly the advice that technicians and mechanics should be giving to their customers.

Supporting the technician, and providing accessories that offer market leading performance, Ring has a range of chargers from standard linear chargers through to the most advanced SmartChargers for the most efficient testing, reconditioning and charging of batteries.

Going through the battery maintenance process, Ring has an accessory for each stage; Battery Analysers, Booster Cables, PowerPacks, Trade Chargers and SmartChargers.

The RSCPR50 from Ring is a multi-award winning professional SmartCharger and has become popular with mechanics. Fit for purpose, it has a programmable charging current from 2A up to 50A, an LCD display, manual reconditioning, fast charging and temperature compensation features. The 8 stage charging cycle combined with the multi-chemistry functions ensures specific charge required for different battery types.

The charger also includes a battery support unit function that will sustain a vehicles electrical system when diagnostics are connected and drawing power.

For those mechanics who prefer to simply ensure that the battery is working, Ring has introduced a range of professional PowerPacks.

Ring’s ProStart Ultra and ProStart Compact are highly durable PowerPacks that have pure lead AGM batteries for high amperage starting, cast bronze jaws with a bridging strap, double insulated pure copper starting cables and shatterproof polymer casing asstandard features.

The ProStart Ultra benefits from a dual 12v and 24v voltage, reverse polarity warning buzzer for extra safety and an external replaceable fuse. This PowerPack is perfect for high capacity jump starts in demanding environments such as truck and bus depots.

The portable but powerful 12v ProStart Compact, with an internal replaceable fuse, can start 12v diesel engines up to 250HP, making it ideal for light commercial, agriculture and breakdown services.

Head of Marketing for Ring, Henry Bisson said: “We have a full range of products that can be used by mechanics and technicians to pass on peace of mind to vehicle owners. It can be difficult to explain how important battery care is and certainly when the measures that are put in place are preventative.

“With a full range of products on offer, not only do we supply to motor factors that support professional mechanics and vehicle technicians, but we also encourage nationwide factors and retailers to stock products so that the customer can continue to carry out routine battery maintenance at home.”

For further details about the full range from Ring drop by the company’s stand at the Auto Trade EXPO, at Citywest Exhibition Centre, Dublin, October 22-23.