Tecalemit and Techplus for AdBlue® solutions

Blue-Mobil-60-copyAdBlue®, which has been part of the standard repertoire for trucks and buses for over 10 years now, has also become mandatory for passenger cars with the introduction of the Euro 6 emissions standard and the definition of new limit values.

Regular AdBlue® refills for the latest diesel vehicles at future workshop visits will therefore become common practice as part of routine vehicle inspections.

Tecalemit, represented by garage equipment specialists, Techpus, now offers the optimal solution for the professional distribution, filling, and measurement of liquids and gases.

With the BlueMobil in both an electrically and a pneumatically operated version, i.e. the BlueMobil 60 and BlueMobil eco, the company provides the perfect solution for every situation.

While the BlueMobil 60 besides many other handy features is equipped with an integrated rechargeable battery, allowing it to be used anywhere independent of an external power supply, the BlueMobil eco is a cost effective solution that can easily be operated using an existing compressed air network. Additional devices for specialist applications are already being tested.

The sophisticated features of both models make them exceptional products on the market:

– Only from Tecalemit: AdBlue® automatic dispensing nozzle
by Elaflex with 2 m of dispensing hose
– Only from Tecalemit: the ground breaking FMT 3 electronic
flow meter
– Only from Tecalemit: work independent of an external power
supply thanks to the integrated rechargeable battery on the
BlueMobil 60
– High-Flow and Low-Flow with 8 l/min and 4.5 l/min filling speeds
– Four castors for maximum manoeuvrability
– Robust trolley with a modern functional design
– 60 l or 120 l dispensing tank (BlueMobil eco)
– Top-notch quality that can only be “Made in Germany”

Naturally, the latest generation of Tecalemit electronic flow meters are used in both models — the FMT 3. This flow meter possesses excellent characteristics and surprised with its functionality both long-standing clients and competitors.

For more information on the Tecalemit range, drop by the Techplus stand at the Auto Trade EXPO, Citywest Exhibition Centre, Dublin, October 22-23.