Blue Print has solution for oil filter replacement

Oil filters protect the engine by keeping the oil free from dirt and contamination during a prescribed service life.

Microscopic wear particles, dust and soot from combustion must be filtered efficiently out to prevent them embedding in the bearing surfaces, which can quickly lead to increased engine wear. Blue Print supplies oil filters with premium quality filter media. Its filters have the efficiency and capacity to protect between extended service intervals.

Other features of Blue Print’s filters include:

Anti-drain back valve to prevent oil siphoning back to the pump. This ensures rapid oil pressure on cold starts.

Accurately engineered bypass valve to ensure oil delivery on start-up and in the event of a filter blockage.

Correct performance under cold-start conditions allowing maximum lubrication and preventing metal-to-metal contact of bearings and cam gear.

Tip: A clean, high quality air filter helps to maintain the oil filter. And, clean oil aids cooling by carrying heat away from pistons, cylinders and turbochargers. So it’s important to change a vehicle’s filters at regular service intervals to keep the vehicle functioning at its optimal level.

With over 2,200 part numbers in its filtration portfolio for different makes and models, Blue Print offers one of the most extensive ranges available in the aftermarket. These parts have been rigorously tested and researched to ensure a high standard of quality, covering over 86% of the vehicle parc.

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Blue Print supplies only OE matching quality parts, with first time fit and a three year unlimited mileage warranty on parts.

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