Brainbee gets Mercedes-Benz approval for air conditioning service station

clima-9000-d-mercedes-approved-20160915_152308Brain Bee’s Clima 9000 D 1234yf Fully Automatic Air Conditioning Service Station has received Mercedes-Benz approval.

The 9000D-1234 is the ideal A/C Station for those who want to obtain the best results from their machine without complications.

The 9000D-1234 includes electronic gauges and valves to deliver an extremely friendly and intuitive operating interface.

The heart of 9000D-1234 is its LCD user-interface display. Simple and intuitive, the touch screen displays all the operating functions which can be activated in a quick and precise manner.

The clarity of the display ensures good visibility in almost all lighting conditions.

All serviceable parts and components in the 9000 D-1234 are easily accessible and located in a position that allows for fast replacement. Recharge hoses have been equipped with external quick couplers so that you don’t have to open the station in case of replacement.

The 9000D-1234 can be easily updated: using the USB port, all available updates can be downloaded from the web and installed on the station very easily

SGD-010 Diesel Sampling Probe

Meanwhile, Diagnostic Solutions has added the BrainBee SGD-010 Diesel Sampling Probe to its product range.

Diagnostic Solutions has added the SGD-010 Diesel Sampling Probe, which works in harmony with any Brainbee AGS Petrol Gas Analyser for diagnosing problems with diesel emissions.

The SGD-010 probe measures five gases including Nox, tests for harmful gas emissions, DPF and EGR problems, and is suitable for testing all types of diesel systems.

The probe facilitates simple and quick filter replacement and it is easily cleaned and maintained with an airline.

The SGD-010 probe features a high efficiency DPF filter to protect the gas analyser.

For more information drop by the company’s stand at the Auto Trade EXPO, at Citywest Exhibition Centre, Dublin, October 22-23.