bottStand 9Q

Bott is displaying a Ford Custom van, fitted with in-vehicle equipment on its stand.
Order and cleanliness are optimal conditions for an efficient working environmental.
Bott in-vehicle equipment uses optimal loading space, organises tools, machines and tools in a clean manner. This saves time for the essential tasks and challenges, the service operator faces on a daily basis.

The mix of materials offer a balanced harmony of stability and durability, moreover, numerous load restraints provide means for road safety.

Professionals have very individual requirements. They rely on a functional day to day workplace, which is adjusted exactly to the complex procedures of each and every process.

The perfect use of available storage space is the primary goal when using Bott equipment.

Bott’s unique modular design of drawer cabinets, workbenches and cupboards are tailored to meet day to day functional needs.

Bott drawer cabinets, workbenches and cupboards can be customised based on individual requirements. The attractive and cohesive design and the standard system dimensions of Bott equipment give workshops a uniform look, regardless of their wide variety of applications.