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Continental is placing its VDO, Crypton and ContiTech brands on centre stage at Auto Trade EXPO.

Crypton, specialist in MOT and associated garage equipment is showing its portable midrise scissor lift, complete with a 3 year warranty and robust 10” tablet option with the market leading Combined Smoke & Gas Emissions Analyser.

VDO has its range of diagnostic equipment, including the award winning TPMS Pro, as well as the REDI-Sensor. Unlike other TPMS sensors on the market, the REDI-Sensor is pre-programmed ‘REDI’ to install straight from the box and is simply glued to the inner surface of the tyre for maximum protection.

ContiTech is giving a premiere to its belt drive components and app, providing general and technical data about the products and link to the Product Information Centre (PIC) for detailed information and installation tips.

With Continental’s strong market position as a leading automotive supplier with a comprehensive distribution network, the company is perfectly set up to meet any current or future demands.