Diagnostic Solutions

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Diagnostic Solutions specialises in the supply and training of automotive garage and diagnostic equipment with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

DS is exhibiting the very latest in innovation and state of the art products from leading European manufacturers, Autologic, BrainBee, Pico, ASNU, 2F, ALLdata, Saxon, LET and Autodata.

Checkout the Assistplus OEM like diagnostic system from Autologic, the ST9000, X-Touch diagnostic and workshop technical system, air conditioning service stations for R134A & 1234YF, emission analysers for petrol and diesel vehicles, and the BTP1000 tyre pressure monitoring service tool from BrainBee.

There’s also oscilloscopes from Pico, fuel injector service equipment from ASNU, the new automatic transmission fluid exchange unit from 2F, brake testers and test lanes from SAXON, electronic head lamp testers from LET, workshop technical data from Autodata and OEM technical data from Aalldata and much more!

DS are also a certified IMI Awards centre providing fully certified training courses including A/C F Gas Certification.