OS Distributors Limited

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Established in 1972, it has been supplying the auto electrical and diesel engineering workshops of Ireland with high quality parts ever since.

The company has over 10,000 different part numbers in stock. The range includes spare parts for the repair of starter motors, alternators, fuel pumps and injectors as well as a huge range of complete units available in high quality aftermarket brands and OEM equipment there should be a replacement option to suit all needs.

With well-known brands in stock such as Zen, Ika gebe, Replex, Era, ZM,
Star-Diesel, Genon, Spaco Diesel, Woodauto, Cargo, Robarcko, Iskra, Carbonzapp, Bosch, Remco, Valeo, Bosio, Kdiesel, Denso, New-Era, Unipoint and more, OS Distributors is striving to cover all bases.

Along with showcasing the range of rotating electrics and diesel fuel injection equipment, OS Distributors is also displaying its engine management range which includes mass air flow sensors, EGR valves, IAC valves, ignition coils, ignition modules and fuel pumps.

Check out the company’s range of test benches and diagnostic equipment suitable for auto electrical and diesel fuel injection workshops.