Ryan's Automotive for specialist tools at the Auto Trade EXPO

At this year’s Auto Trade Expo, Ryan’s Automotive will be showcasing its extensive range of specialist tools and diagnostic equipment for the auto and agri sectors.

ryans-automotive-logo1On display will be a huge variety of test, diagnostic and specialist servicing equipment. All with the aim of assisting garage personnel in diagnosing, repairing and servicing vehicles with the very latest common rail fuel injection, emission control and operator climate control systems.

On display will be the company’s range of multi brand diagnostic tools, OE diagnostic solutions, TPMS testers, oscilloscopes
and many other diagnostic accessories. Perhaps of particular interest to the agri sector are low and high pressures testers plus injector leak back test kits, all for common rail fuel injection systems.

For in-depth analysis of injection system components (& PWM solenoids/sensors used on-vehicle), there are a variety of oscilloscope options. These include rugged handheld oscilloscopes as well as laptop based units. There is also a huge variety of test leads & probes available.

There is also the additional option of ‘on-vehicle analysis’ with the MM03 common rail test tool, which is compatible with Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens common rail systems. The on-vehicle analysis provided by this system means there is no need to remove components except the one found faulty or in need of repair.

Ryan’s Automotive is also agents for the Dimsport range of vehicle tuning products for both on-road & off-road vehicles, including – tractors, loaders & harvesters. The latest generation Dimsport Rapid tuning modules act directly on the engines common rail injectors – altering fuel injection periods to produce extra horsepower and torque.

A variety of air-conditioning stations, test equipment and consumables is available too – including air-conditioning units for changing/re-charging using the latest refrigerant gas R1234yf. Also available from Ryan’s Automotive are refrigerant gases, lubricants (& dye) plus leak detections kits. All essential to allow garages to provide the best air-conditioning diagnostic, repair and servicing in-house.

Ryan’s Automotive was established in 1997 and initially providing servicing and repairs on all types of cars and light commercial vehicles. With a flair for specialised diagnostics, the company developed a ‘Diagnostic Equipment and Tools’ element within the business, plus a ‘Special Automotive Parts’ element too.

So today, Ryan’s Automotive has grown all elements of its business, but especially the ‘Diagnostic Equipment and Tools’ element, based on in-house experience. This in-house experience not only also allows the firm to offer both practical advice on equipment selection and usage but also offer training programme’s on common rail systems, oscilloscopes and Pass Thru diagnostics & programming.