Car-O-Liner CTR7 Resistance Spot Welder to feature at Auto Trade EXPO.

Car-O-Liner is continuing its quest to create the very best products for vehicle collision repair. The CTR7 Resistance Spot Welder, Car-O-Liner’s new generation welding machine, provides quality spot welds with all new high-strength steels using cutting edge inverter technology.

A wide range of accessories and sophisticated software with semi-automatic control features guarantee perfect welding results.

The sharp, easy-to-read, 7” colour screen makes it easy to navigate and set your parameters thereby reducing cycle times and increasing your productivity.

The CTR7 has the latest technological platform that will support internet technology and wireless communication features.

The CTR7 features an innovative, compact design, with low centre of gravity for increased safety and easy handling and Transformer Gun Technology for greater working range (up to 20 feet).

There’s an aluminum, telescopic support arm with integrated balancer (optional) for adjustable height. The CTR7 produces welding currents up to 12,000 amps for powerful output for the toughest welding jobs.

The CTR7 also features a user-friendly control panel for easy navigation, a large 20 litre tank for efficient liquid-cooled operation and WeldloggerTM program for documentation and registration of welding data via PC and USB.

Car-O-Liner will exhhibit the CTR7 at the Auto Trade EXPO at Citywest, Dublin, October 20-21.