Roberts Automotive set to exhibit at Auto Trade EXPO

Roberts Automotive, the official distributor of Blackhawk crash repair equipment has confirmed its participation at the Auto Trade EXPO, at Citywest Exhibition Centre, Dublin, October 20-21.

Blackhawk has always been at the forefront of the bodyshop equipment industry for many years. The original Porto-Power challenged the term ‘Panel beating’ and refined repair processes fully embracing the possibilities of hydraulic power. When conjoined with the Dozer system Blackhawk had developed a jig system that could be used anywhere and became a worldwide hit.

The next major development was the P188 measuring system. This was the first mechanical system to measure the vehicle chassis to the nearest millimetre and revolutionise non bracket repair processes.

The P188 system is still widely used today but its success was to be surpassed by the finest development of all, the Shark ultrasonic measuring System. Many had tried to achieve a workable computerised measuring system but Blackhawk were the first to succeed and the Shark rightly won the Queens award for Technical Achievement. To this day the shark has never been bettered and as computer software has improved so has the shark program.

In the modern era when repair times are squeezed tight, Jig systems have to fit into the bodyshop, without taking it over. Products such as Korek and Power Pro 1001, offer the answer to any straightening dilemma. These products fit perfectly into the modern ethos where space and time are key. The Korek floor system has become the system of choice for repair shops requiring a versatile panel area. A heavy duty Korek system for commercial repairs to accompany the incredible Power cage is testimony of just how diverse the Blackhawk range is.

For more information on the Blackhawk range contact Robers Automotive on + 44 1432 357707