Abcon to showcase new sanding body filler at the AutoTrade EXPO

Abcon is set to showcase its Evercoat new Rage Ultra sanding body filler at the AutoTrade EXPO, Citywest Hotel & Exhibition Centre, Dublin, October 20-21.

Evercoat says the most up-to-date formulation of Rage comes in the form of Rage Ultra, the first filler using Eco-Resin, an environmentally friendly resin, which also provides superior sanding capabilities.

Easily sanded with sandpaper from grits P120 to P180, Rage Ultra doesn’t clog sandpaper, reduces paper usage by up to 30 per cent and is ready to sand in as little as 10 minutes. By being able to use finer grits, a straighter, more levelled surface is easier to achieve, according to the company.

Furthermore, the company states that, EcoResin, the eco-friendly technology powering Rage Ultra provides a fine, smooth and glossy surface with a pinhole free finish. Feathering around the edges blends seamlessly into the surrounding paintwork, creating a consistent level finish.

Acting as both a filler and a stopper, the powerful filler eliminates the need for finishing putty, reduces operating costs and streamlines the mess associated with buying multiple products to finish the job.