Denso wins Innovation Award

Denso have won an Innovation Award for its e-Videns tool.

Motorists will now be offered unparalleled access to their vehicle engine’s condition as part of a guided vehicle health check (VHC) delivered by Denso’s newest innovation, e-Videns.

The e-Videns tool can monitor live data from a running engine and instantly compare it to reference parameters to reveal ‘hidden’ engine problems or pre-empt issues which may occur, presenting workshops with instant up-selling opportunities.

The innovative workshop tool guides vehicle owners and mechanics through a comprehensive vehicle health check including a Driver Interview, System Scan, Visual Inspection (Walk Around) and, for the first time, a complete engine health check to objectively show the work needed.

Currently the e-Videns engine health check covers 85 per cent of petrol and diesel cars manufactured between 2005 and 2014.

Following an e-Videns vehicle inspection, reports are generated to summarise any vehicle abnormalities, helping vehicle owners to make quick, informed decisions about any work needed.

The e-Videns tool guides mechanics through the end-to-end health check and requires little or no additional skillset to use so larger workshops can deploy a junior mechanic to carry out a test, providing valuable data to the skilled mechanic.