New Bosch air conditioning service units

Bosch has launched two brand new air conditioning service units into the market: the ACS 563 for air conditioning systems using R1234yf refrigerant and the ACS 553 for R134a refrigerant.

The new units complement Bosch’s air conditioning service portfolio and support workshops with everyday service tasks such as refrigerant recovery, charging and refrigerant recycling.

This enables the workshop to perform all standard service tasks on air conditioning systems of passenger cars and commercial vehicles with combustion engines, as well as on those of hybrid and electric vehicles.

As a result, the new units also allow smaller workshops to start performing professional and economical air conditioning services and to create additional revenue opportunities.

Used in automotive workshops with high A/C service volumes, ACS 563 and ACS 553 units can also be used as secondary units, for example in case of high workloads during the A/C service season.

The fully automatic process of the new A/C service units does not require any manual intervention. It ensures short service times and thus efficient A/C service.

Nevertheless, individual service functions can also be selected directly. The intuitive graphical user interface of the colour display and 100 mm wide gauges allow efficient and easy operation.

The integrated database including A/C system specifications for most of the vehicles on the market is yet another support feature easing the operator’s work.

Within a short time, the units recover up to 95 per cent of the refrigerant, according to Bosch. This saves time and money while ensuring sustainable use of resources.

The internal air exchange is electronically controlled. This reduces the risk of overpressure and increases the safety for the workshop technician.

The ACS 563 and ACS 553 A/C service units feature a user-friendly and guided program for the management of oil-type changes with integrated hose flushing function.

Therefore, the new units can be used in a highly flexible manner for vehicles with combustion engines as well as for electric and hybrid vehicles.

The precise electronic purge system management for non-condensable gases and the internal, high-efficiency filter dryer make sure that the recovered refrigerant is free of air and moisture.

The maintenance-friendly unit design allows easy access to its internal components. In addition, a robust metal frame protects the internal tank and all components against impacts.

Measurement errors regarding the recovered or charged refrigerant as well as problems concerning the functionality and accuracy of the working results are thus avoided. The extensive range of accessories available allows adapting the units to specific workshop requirements.

Bosch will be in attendance at next year’s Auto Trade EXPO, which runs alongside the all-new CV Workshop EXPO, at Citywest and Exhibition Centre, Dublin, from May 7-8, 2022.

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