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Why Vlogging Industry is on the Rise?

With a little bit more than 20 years of global Internet phenomena by now, there are some trends that form and/or spike later on and not at the very start of it. This concept was very true for the video hosting and video sharing platforms, which were not so widely spread or heavily monetized back in 2006 as they are today. 11 years and the incredible experience that the world has been having since 2006 with the YouTube platform has made a huge difference…

Why This Conference Matters?

Exactly because of the size of this industry, which today generates more than $43 billion dollars in revenue for millions of small video bloggers and big video-producing companies, a Conference is vitally required. A big, highly-esteemed conference that gathers all the biggest players in the industry is what it needs. We are exactly that! The biggest and the most respected conference for all video bloggers in the US!







Gary Lewis

” Vlogging has made an independent businessman, who talks about things he loves for a living. Without a huge, extra talented and truly diverse community of authors, this dream of mine would not have been possible! ”

Nickie O'Malley

“As one of the first gaming industry vloggers on YouTube, with more than 2000 videos uploaded in 7 years, I always come here. An annual conference for all of the biggest names in the video Blogging world makes a lot of sense! ”

Gerladina Smith

“As far as I’m concerned on my video Blogging niche, which is the news video Blogging, most of the biggest names in it show up at this annual conference every single year. And I am no exception! ”